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How and When to Follow Up With a Thank You

Expressing Gratitude After a Job Interview Should you follow up with a thank you after an interview? How long should you wait after an interview to follow up? When you do, what should you say? These are some of the most common post-interview questions both on Google and at Brelsford Personnel’s Tyler staffing agency. It’s... More

Crafting an Effective Resume

Think Accuracy and Conciseness for Resumes That Truly Shine When it comes to the process of job hunting, few tools have as much weight as your resume. It's more than just a few sheets of information; it's your professional persona on (real or virtual) paper, your journey distilled into bullet points and achievements. Our staffing... More

Emotional Intelligence at Work: From Fails to Flourishing

Career experts say workers across the board benefit from developing soft skills because these abilities are pivotal to success in every industry. Emotional intelligence ranks high on lists of soft skills, but what is it? Wikipedia defines EI as “the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions,” but what does that look like,... More

The Future of Work: Predictions for 2030

When the future is uncertain, people react in one of two ways. Some panic and hide their heads in the sand, afraid what comes next will be detrimental and uncontrollable. Others strive to understand possibilities based on historic trends and current events, then identify ways to reach desired outcomes. People who take the second approach... More

The Intersection of Mental Health and Work: How Staffing Agencies Can Help

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, the intersection of mental health and work has become a critical concern. Gallup's 2023 State of the Global Workplace report reveals a concerning reality: the majority of the world's employees are unhappy. Many are "quiet quitting." This means they are not engaged in their work. They’re simply filling... More

Why Soft Skills Trump Technical Skills in the Age of Automation

Picture this: a world where machines seamlessly perform tasks once reserved for human hands and minds. Robots effortlessly assembling intricate parts, algorithms crunching mountains of data with lightning speed, and artificial intelligence (AI) making decisions that were once solely in the realm of human expertise. Looking in the crystal ball creates wonder, but it also... More

Employee Burnout: How to Recognize and Prevent It

Picture this: You pause for a second to scan your bustling workplace, and you see the familiar faces of talented individuals focused on accomplishing their daily tasks. Everything looks good, but beneath the surface, a silent threat lurks – employee burnout. In today's fast-paced work environment, the weight of responsibilities, deadlines, and high expectations can... More

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employee Retention

When people talk about artificial intelligence and the future of work, fear is a recurring emotion. Technology is evolving almost too quickly to keep up, and even the experts aren’t completely sure where things will end up. Will the years ahead catapult us into some kind of Terminator-style alternate reality with anti-human robots? Will artificial... More

The Psychology of Job Satisfaction: Why Salary Isn't Everything

Have you ever worked a job where you felt like you should be happy, but you just weren’t? Maybe the money and the benefits were good but for some reason you still dreaded Monday mornings…and all the other weekday mornings that end in “y”. If so, you know that job satisfaction is about so much... More

The Hidden Cost of Bad Hires and How to Prevent Them

It’s unfortunate, but at our staffing agency we’ve seen again and again the negative impact that bad hires can have on a business. A bad hire can be defined as an employee who does not meet the expectations of the job or fit within the company culture. Sometimes the company invests time and money in... More