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5 Proactive Steps to Prevent Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is a new term for a phenomenon that has been around almost as long as there has been a workforce. It’s a phrase used to describe when employees start doing the bare minimum, the least they can do while at work. They don’t come right out and refuse to participate; they just begin... More

Fall 2022 Employee Engagement Report

To understand how the global workplace is doing, experts measure employee wellbeing and engagement. The two interconnected factors show whether the people at work within a company are likely to be productive, innovative and to stay long-term. The analytics and advisory company Gallup, known for its worldwide public opinion polls recently released data from an... More

#1 Mistake We’re Seeing Job Seekers Make Right Now

It’s something that might not even have occurred to you, but it can cost you big time in your job search. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than most people would expect.A job candidate finds an opening they’re interested in and submits an online application. We receive it and move to schedule a one-on-one interview to... More

Simple Ways to Demonstrate Workplace Professionalism

What exactly is professionalism, and do you have it? The word can be used to describe a lot of different qualities, but it’s always a good thing. Most people think of a professional as an individual who has some level of expertise at what they get paid to do. However, you’ve probably met people who... More

How Much Do You Know About Smith County Clubhouse?

A lot of East Texans have never heard of Smith County Clubhouse, so they have no idea it’s looking for members. Brelsford Personnel encourages support for this new Tyler nonprofit that takes a unique approach to adult mental health and recovery. Smith County Clubhouse – A Holistic Approach to Recovery Mental health resources in our... More

How to Crush the First 100 Days at Your New Job

Most people take a new position hoping to succeed, but few take the time to create a plan for doing so. Use this approach to the first 100 days at your new job to ensure long-term happiness, productivity and career growth.Why 100 Days?People carefully monitor the first 100 days of a president’s term because before... More

Community Spotlight – Literacy Council of Tyler

When Ana and Gregorio moved the the United States, they didn’t speak any English. They found work but knew in order to build a brighter future for their small family, they needed to learn the language.They heard Literacy Council of Tyler offered English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and found out they could attend... More

5 Questions to Ask the Boss During Your Next Evaluation

Most people feel at least a little nervous when they receive a performance review or annual evaluation. Someone with the power to affect your paycheck, benefits and employment has been scrutinizing how you do what you do, and they’re about to tell you what they really think. Your future raises and promotions hang in the... More

How Inflation Impacts the Job Market

If you’re scratching your head about what’s going on in the world, you’re in good company. Record numbers of people are quitting their jobs, and at the same time prices are going through the roof. Entry-level workers say they can’t pay their bills because their employer doesn’t pay a “living wage,” but top-level earners are... More

Community Spotlight - East Texas Communities Foundation

At Brelsford Personnel, we’re thankful to live in a community filled with caring people who are passionate about helping others and who regularly work together to make East Texas a better place. One of our favorite charities, East Texas Communities Foundation, serves donors and nonprofits in Smith and 31 other East Texas counties. ETCF has... More