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Why Work With a Tyler Accounting Staffing Agency – For Employers and Job Seekers

Are you on the hunt for an accounting or bookkeeping job? It can be a daunting task to find a job that meets your needs and qualifications. Brelsford Personnel, our Tyler accounting staffing agency is here to help.Maybe you’re reading this because you’re struggling to find a job that matches your skills and experience in... More

East Texas Gen Z Candidates – What Makes Them Tick

Employers struggle to understand the mysterious creatures known as Gen Z job candidates. Gen Z candidates have a different set of priorities that might not align with those of the employer. They’re currently between 9 and 24 years old, and we’re pretty sure some are still trying to figure themselves out too. There’s a vast... More

Undervalued and Underpaid? Here’s When to Move On

“Some days it wasn’t so bad,” Maria said of when she started thinking about a career change, “but other days work was really getting to me. I was frustrated and tired most of the time, and when I wasn’t working, part of me was counting down the days or hours until I had to go... More

4 College Student Jobs That Look Great on a Resume (With Skills Lists)

If you’re a college student, at the time this article is being written, winter break has just started. Finals are done, you have a few extra hours in your day, and you might be starting to think about your long-term career goals. A lot of students work while they get their degree, and it’s nice... More

Candidate Ghosting and What Employers Can Do About It

We keep hearing it across industries, with positions at all levels. Hiring managers are bewildered. Recruiters just shrug their shoulders and shake their heads. People seem ready, even eager for a job, but when the employer is ready to make an offer, suddenly they’re nowhere to be found. If this has happened to you, you’ve... More

4 Holiday Workplace Problems and How to Avoid Them

Holidays can be just as stressful as they are happy, both for managers and employees. Planning can help businesses avoid some of the common problems that go along with the season. Let’s jump right into ways to head off some of the most common seasonal problems before they occur. The Christmas PartyYou’ve seen the worst-case... More

5 Proactive Steps to Prevent Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is a new term for a phenomenon that has been around almost as long as there has been a workforce. It’s a phrase used to describe when employees start doing the bare minimum, the least they can do while at work. They don’t come right out and refuse to participate; they just begin... More

Fall 2022 Employee Engagement Report

To understand how the global workplace is doing, experts measure employee wellbeing and engagement. The two interconnected factors show whether the people at work within a company are likely to be productive, innovative and to stay long-term. The analytics and advisory company Gallup, known for its worldwide public opinion polls recently released data from an... More

#1 Mistake We’re Seeing Job Seekers Make Right Now

It’s something that might not even have occurred to you, but it can cost you big time in your job search. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than most people would expect.A job candidate finds an opening they’re interested in and submits an online application. We receive it and move to schedule a one-on-one interview to... More

Simple Ways to Demonstrate Workplace Professionalism

What exactly is professionalism, and do you have it? The word can be used to describe a lot of different qualities, but it’s always a good thing. Most people think of a professional as an individual who has some level of expertise at what they get paid to do. However, you’ve probably met people who... More