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Community Spotlight - Habitat for Humanity Monopoly Tournament

Playing board games triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s “happy hormones.” So does doing something that makes a positive impact on your community. We’re spreading the word about Habitat for Humanity’s Monopoly Tournament event because it allows participants to do both at the same time.About Habitat for Humanity of Smith CountyHabitat for Humanity is... More

4 Habits That Lead to Career Success

Why do some people get promoted while others get passed over? What makes one individual get a raise while their co-workers don’t? It varies by employer, but in our decades of experience, we’ve seen patterns develop.Sometimes a person just lands in the right place, but long-term success usually involves more than just a lucky break.... More

5 Work Habits That Are Holding You Back

My employer is just greedy… My boss is just a (fill in the blank)… They just got the promotion because they always schmooze with leadership… Have you made similar statements when you experienced career disappointments? If you keep getting passed over, maybe these things are true, but there’s also another possibility. You could be sabotaging... More


Download our free e-book to gain valuable information we’ve learned from years of helping East Texans find employment, including: The mindset that will revolutionize your approach to the job search The absolute most important part of your resume What you should do every day of your job search, at each stageHow to set career goals using our personal and... More


1. The Look Make your résumé visually appealing by ensuring your name stands out and using headings that separate the content into areas that are easy to see at-a-glance. Make sure the spacing and format is consistent, and the printing is crisp and clean. Use a font that is clear and easy to read. 2. The Content Arrange... More


For those doing temporary work, Brelsford Personnel has a dress code standard. Your Brelsford representative will visit with you about the dress code and practices for a particular assignment. The following examples will serve to clarify what is typically unacceptable attire in a professional environment: Business Professional for men includes a suit (or sports jacket), dress slacks and... More


Present Yourself Appropriately We never get a second chance to make a first impression. Dress professionally and appropriately for the interview. Be well-groomed. Shoes should be appropriate for the business environment. Do not wear cologne, perfume, or anything that calls undue attention to you or distracts from the interview. Plan Ahead Know the location of the interview and... More