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It’s something that might not even have occurred to you, but it can cost you big time in your job search. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than most people would expect.

A job candidate finds an opening they’re interested in and submits an online application. We receive it and move to schedule a one-on-one interview to learn more about their career goals and start the process of matching them with area employers. But when we call the number on their application or resume, we get a notification their voice mail has not been set up yet.

What might be even more frustrating is when we’ve had an interview with someone and a few days or weeks later we realize a current opening would be just perfect for them. Then, when we try to give them a call to talk about next steps, their phone number says, “this voicemail box is full.”

We try other methods of getting in touch, but sometimes email goes to spam or gets lost in the mountain of correspondence many people get in a day. The number one mistake we’re seeing job seekers make right now, the one that could be causing them to miss out on great opportunities is not being reachable and responsive throughout the process.

People Everywhere Are Less Responsive

A recent survey found across demographics, people are much less likely to answer the phone than they were in the past. Ninety percent of respondents said they ignore calls from unknown numbers “often,” or “very often.” Here are a few of the most common reasons they gave:

  • I’m busy and don’t have time to answer
  • It takes too long to have a phone call
  • I just didn’t feel like answering at the time
  • I was concerned about being overheard
  • I have anxiety about taking phone calls
  • I felt like it was probably someone I didn’t want to hear from

We want to be a helpful resource during your job search. A lot of people who apply with us are already employed, and until they find a better opportunity, they don’t want to advertise that they’re thinking of making a change. They are hesitant to answer the phone while they’re at their current job. Then, in the evenings, they have family and social obligations that might also take them away from the phone.

Other people don’t answer numbers they don’t recognize. We get it – you don’t want to talk to the salesman about your car warranty, donate to a political party or hear more about a loan you didn’t apply for in the first place. That’s why when we call, we always try to leave a voicemail.

Good News for Job Seekers

What’s a problem for us can actually be a good thing for serious job seekers. Make sure your voice mail works and respond to calls and you’ll automatically be ahead of the game.

We work with East Texas employers across a range of industries. We have entry-level, mid-level and expert-level jobs. Right now, we have opportunities for people wanting to work both full and part-time. While we have a huge amount of variety when it comes to job openings, there’s one thing most our clients have in common. They’re looking for job seekers who can communicate effectively and consistently.

When you demonstrate good communication skills by returning phone calls and following up on job inquiries, you show you’re a go-getter. It’s proof you aren’t just testing the waters to see what’s out there, you’re seriously interested in advancing your career. And, when there are multiple candidates with similar qualifications, the one who follows up is more likely to be front of mind when it comes to decision making time.

Maybe you’ve been applying for jobs near Tyler TX, checking your messages religiously and you still haven’t had any response. If that’s the case, we invite you to experience the Brelsford Personnel difference when you apply online today.