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1. The Look 

Make your résumé visually appealing by ensuring your name stands out and using headings that separate the content into areas that are easy to see at-a-glance.

Make sure the spacing and format is consistent, and the printing is crisp and clean. Use a font that is clear and easy to read. 

2. The Content 

Arrange content so that a prospective employer finds out quickly who you are, what position you want, and why you are right for that position.

Consider using an Objective Statement at the top to clarify the position you are seeking.

An attention-grabber identifies the position you are applying for and suggests where you want to be in the future.

Example: A part-time Office Clerk position leading to a full-time Representative position, with the goal of increasing productivity and reducing costs.

3. Showcasing Yourself 

Think about your skill set and let those strengths shine through in your résumé.

Most employers are looking for a list of accomplishments or responsibilities you have had in prior positions.

Do not simply list company names and job titles; include highlights of your tenure that showcase your skills.

4. What Not to Include 

Do not include personal characteristics such as height, weight, health, gender, marital status, number of children, ethnic origin, religion, or age.

Avoid clichés and leave out unrelated interests like weekend hobbies, etc. unless they relate directly to the job you are applying for.