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In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, the intersection of mental health and work has become a critical concern. Gallup's 2023 State of the Global Workplace report reveals a concerning reality: the majority of the world's employees are unhappy. Many are "quiet quitting." This means they are not engaged in their work. They’re simply filling a seat and watching the clock, leading to decreased productivity and psychological disconnection from their employers. Additionally, a significant portion of employees falls into the category of "loud quitting," actively harming the organization's goals due to severe broken trust or a mismatch between their skills and roles.

Why should we care about the impact of mental health on work performance? Gallup estimates that low engagement costs the global economy a staggering US $8.8 trillion, equivalent to 9% of global GDP. However, amid these challenges lies an opportunity for growth and positive change. Leaders and managers play a crucial role in addressing mental health concerns in the workplace and fostering a culture that supports employee well-being.

In this article, we’ll stand at the intersection of mental health and work, focusing on how staffing agencies like Brelsford Personnel can play a role in addressing these challenges. By understanding the current state of employee engagement and stress, and by leveraging the unique capabilities of staffing agencies, we can create a healthier and more supportive work environment that benefits both employees and organizations. Let's delve into the strategies and solutions that can transform the workplace into a space where mental health thrives.

The Impact of Mental Health on Work Performance

Employee well-being and mental health significantly influence work performance, productivity, and overall organizational success. Gallup's 2023 report reveals an alarming reality: only 23% of employees worldwide are thriving at work, while a staggering 59% are quietly quitting, and 18% are actively disengaged.

Thriving at work is characterized by employees finding their work meaningful, feeling connected to their team and organization, taking pride in their contributions, and going the extra mile for colleagues and customers. On the other hand, those who are quietly quitting are physically present but psychologically disconnected, exerting minimal effort, and often feeling stressed and burnt out. Actively disengaged employees, or loud quitters, potentially harm the organization and oppose its leaders due to broken trust or role mismatch.

These statistics underscore the urgent need for organizations to address mental health concerns in the workplace. By prioritizing mental health and implementing strategies to support employees, organizations can create a work environment where individuals thrive, resulting in increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and improved business outcomes.

In the following sections, we will explore how staffing agencies can contribute to addressing mental health challenges in the workplace and creating a supportive environment that promotes employee well-being and engagement.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening and Assessment

Brelsford Personnel takes the responsibility of candidate selection and screening seriously, particularly when it comes to ensuring the mental well-being and suitability of applicants. To achieve this, Brelsford Personnel uses various support services to vet applicants effectively.

Everyone wants to be compensated for their hard work! One way we help employers with new hires is by partnering with Temp Financial Services (TFS) based in Houston, Texas, for payroll processing. TFS serves as the "employer of record" for temporary and temp-to-hire associates, providing seamless payroll processing and record-keeping services. This partnership ensures that employees are promptly and accurately compensated, reducing financial stress and promoting a positive work experience.

Another vital step in candidate vetting is conducting comprehensive background checks. Brelsford Personnel collaborates with a recognized database partner to perform criminal background checks. This diligent approach helps identify any potential red flags and ensures the safety and security of the workplace environment.

In addition to background checks, Brelsford Personnel understands the importance of verifying the accuracy of candidate information. Identifying misleading or false information on resumes can be a significant challenge during the hiring process. To address this, Brelsford Personnel conducts in-depth reference checks for all candidates before extending any job offers. By thoroughly evaluating candidates' employment history and qualifications, Brelsford Personnel aims to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of potential hires.

Skills Assessment & Testing Tools

To make informed hiring decisions, Brelsford Personnel employs SHL Software Testing for candidate assessment and testing services. SHL offers a comprehensive range of over 1,500 validated assessments, using superior technology to evaluate candidates' skills, abilities, and potential. These assessments adhere to guidelines set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), ensuring fairness and objectivity in the evaluation process.

Because we rely on these proven assessment and testing tools, Brelsford Personnel can gain deeper insights into candidates' competencies, aptitudes, and behavioral traits. This information enables us to match candidates more accurately with roles that align with their skill sets and work preferences. Additionally, it helps identify candidates who possess the necessary soft skills, including emotional intelligence, adaptability, and resilience, which are crucial for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

Placing Candidates in Supportive Work Environments

Beyond comprehensive screening and assessments, Brelsford Personnel recognizes the importance of placing candidates in supportive work environments that prioritize mental health and well-being. We know that a positive and supportive workplace culture greatly influences employee engagement and overall satisfaction.

We don’t move forward with any position until we’re sure we understand exactly what the client company needs and what qualities and characteristics a potential candidate brings to the table. We also continually seek to understand each applicant’s long-term career goals so we can facilitate a mutually beneficial match.

Through this meticulous candidate selection process and emphasis on fit, Brelsford Personnel aims to contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling work experience for both candidates and client companies. The focus on mental well-being ultimately enhances productivity, job satisfaction, and overall success within the workplace.

Better Mental Health for Everyone

Improving mental health in today’s workplace often requires proactive measures. Brelsford Personnel's comprehensive candidate screening, assessment tools, and emphasis on supportive work environments demonstrate their commitment to addressing these challenges. If you're seeking a partner in hiring who prioritizes mental well-being and places candidates in environments conducive to their success, contact Brelsford Personnel today and take a step toward creating a healthier and more productive workplace.