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Are you on the hunt for an accounting or bookkeeping job? It can be a daunting task to find a job that meets your needs and qualifications. Brelsford Personnel, our Tyler accounting staffing agency is here to help.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’re struggling to find a job that matches your skills and experience in the accounting or bookkeeping field. You may feel like your resume is getting lost in the shuffle or that you're not hearing back from potential employers.

When a job search doesn’t move forward, the impact is both financial and emotional. If you're unable to find a job that matches your skills and experience, you could miss out on potential career opportunities and financial stability. This can be frustrating and demoralizing, especially if you're not sure how to turn things around.

Time and again, candidates tell some variation of the following story. They say, “I had been looking for a new Texas accounting job for months.  I applied to countless positions but wasn't receiving any responses. It was starting to make me feel pretty discouraged, to the point where I was considering settling for a job I really didn’t want. However, when I reached out to Brelsford’s Tyler accounting staffing agency, they were able to match me with a company that was the perfect fit for my skills and experience. What seemed like a dead-end search, in the right hands ended up landing my dream job.”

If that story resonates, this article is for you. Let’s explore some of the common pain points that accounting and bookkeeping job seekers face, and how our Tyler accounting employment agency’s services for candidates can provide solutions to these challenges. From resume building and interview preparation to job matching and career growth opportunities, we'll help you navigate the job market with confidence.

If you’re looking to hire, this article is for you too. We think strategically so you can hire the right people. Our services for employers help businesses find the long-term hiring solution that works best for everyone involved.

Tyler TX Accounting Job Market Overview

The Tyler and East Texas area is growing rapidly, and as the population grows so does jobs potential. A recent Tyler Texas Online article reports there are about 111,000 jobs in Smith County. “The workforce consists of thousands of accountants, information technology workers, communications specialists, restaurant employees, hotel workers, bankers, retail sales personnel, health care workers, welders, roughnecks, drillers, truck drivers, oilfield rig mechanics, electricians, and dozens more jobs and occupations in the Tyler job market,” the article explains.

The last few years the economy across the nation has been on a roller coaster, with heart-pounding ups and downs, but our area has been somewhat insulated from the mayhem. Job opportunities in the Tyler area have remained plentiful.

The Rose Capital of the World consistently wins national and statewide excellence awards, ranking high on lists outlining everything from most affordable places to live, best BBQ joints, impressive recreation opportunities, inspiring cultural offerings and more. The cost of living is below the national average, the climate is mild and the people are friendly.

It’s an attractive place for people to visit, live and work. When people come, they bring their wallets. All that buying and selling increases the need for people with solid financial management skills.

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How Working with the Best Accounting Staffing Agencies Benefits You

How does it make your job search easier and more effective to consider using Tyler accounting staffing agencies like Brelsford Personnel? Will it benefit you or just cost time and money?

First, let’s get the money part out of the way. We don’t charge job seekers to use our services. Not a penny, not ever. There’s no limited-time offer, no free trial, none of that business. Employers pay us to help them find the right people. Job seekers don’t pay at all.

We’re always looking for accountants, and frankly, we usually need to hire more bookkeepers, CPAs and other accountants than we have qualified applicants. With us, you’re very much in demand. So you have our interest as soon as you apply.

You benefit because while most people look for work every once in a while, we’ve been part of the Tyler employment landscape for decades. We’re plugged in to the community and we always have our ears open for opportunities.

Our staffing agency has resources for interview practice, resume writing, career development and other topics of interest to accounting job seekers. We also encourage open communication throughout your search. When you have questions about how things are going, we’re eager to provide answers. When you stay in touch, it lets us know you’re still interested! We’re always just a phone call or email away.

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Finding the Right Accounting Employment Agency in Tyler Tx

It’s easy to search for jobs on Indeed or other online forums without involving an employment agency at all. And if you want an in-person experience, there are dozens of temp agencies in the area. But for all job seekers, there are only so many hours in the day. So how do you make sure you’re working with the right people to get to the right opportunity?

Looking for a job can be exhausting because it feels like shouting into the void. Maybe you’ve been clicking through online job postings, firing your resume off to every listing that might be a possibility. It’s a little like driving blind because often job descriptions don’t give you a very good indication of what a company is looking for, and you’re competing against an untold number of faceless applicants trying to prove they fit that same description.

You spend hours adapting, adjusting and tweaking your resume and cover letter, then get nothing back in return for your time. Every once in a while, a company might express a spark of interest, but it fizzles before you receive an offer.

Our accounting staffing agency does the work for you. We visit with you to understand your qualifications, then we work to match you with the right openings. If we have feedback or insights on how you can increase your chances, we offer tips. We can’t guarantee everyone a job, but we pride ourselves on giving each candidate a personal touch and providing employers with a good fit.

We specialize in very specific job types. We help businesses find the right employees for roles in:

  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Administrative Office Support
  • Business Development
  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare Administrative
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Support
  • Marketing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Operations and Sales

Red Flags a Tyler Accounting Staffing Agency Might Be Shady

Sometimes things with a recruitment agency don’t add up to accounting job placement success. While some signs just indicate you could be wasting your time, others signal you should run like your hair is on fire. Watch out for these warning signs:

  • Fees or charges: If the agency is charging candidate fees or asking for payment to receive job assignments, that shows they’re more interested in making money than helping you find employment.
  • Lack of transparency: If the agency is not forthcoming with information about their process, fees, or the types of jobs they offer, it could be a sign that they have something to hide.
  • Poor reputation: Check online reviews and ratings to see what other people have to say about the agency. If they have consistently negative feedback, it could be a red flag.
  • Promising unrealistic or inappropriate jobs: If the agency promises job offers that seem too good to be true, or if the jobs they offer don't match your skill set or experience, it could be a sign that they are not acting in your best interest.

Types Of Tyler Accounting Jobs Available - Roles We Cover

Our finance staffing agency regularly posts job openings for analysts, auditors, branch managers, investment consultants, project managers, payroll specialists and other related roles. Here are some of the job types we’re most often seeking.

  • Accounting Manager Jobs - Typically, accounting managers need at least five years of experience in addition to strong technological, analytical, and communication skills.
  • Controller Jobs - A controller needs to be proficient in technology, administration, analysis, and communication. A bachelor's degree in accounting or finance and a number of years of relevant experience are typical requirements for the position. A master's degree in business administration (MBA) or a professional certification, such as certified public accounting (CPA) is preferred by many employers. Prior public accounting experience is highly regarded.
  • Financial Analyst Jobs - Since they frequently interact with top management, project team leaders, sales managers, and other financial professionals, financial analysts need to be able to successfully communicate at all organizational levels. If you’re applying for this role, you’ll need a solid understanding of general accounting practices, reporting and spending analysis, and journal posting. A master's degree in business administration (MBA) is preferred, while a bachelor's degree in business, accounting, or finance is a must. You’ll also need strong computer skills, especially proficiency with Microsoft Excel and other financial tools.
  • Internal Auditor Jobs – Typical duties include performing individual internal audit projects, performing follow-up on issues, preparing internal audit reports and putting internal control principles to use while planning, carrying out, monitoring, and reporting on the evaluation of various business processes, areas, and functions.
  • Senior Accountant Jobs - Senior accountants should have strong technological, analytical, organizational, and communication abilities. Employers of senior accountants often require a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance as well as at multiple years of relevant experience.
  • Staff Accountant Jobs - Staff accountants need to be well organized, have excellent analytical skills, pay close attention to detail, and have excellent communication skills. Applicants need to hold a bachelor's degree in finance or accounting. Good technological abilities are essential, especially proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

Your Accounting Staffing Agency for Tyler Tx Employers

Hiring in general has gotten way more complicated than it used to be. Almost every day we look at each other, shake our heads and shrug because the landscape has changed so much it can seem almost unrecognizable. But qualified candidates are still out there, and our Tyler accounting staffing agency can help you find them.

Hiring Accountants – Challenges Small Businesses Face

Across industries hiring managers say they struggle more than ever before to hire and retain top talent. It might be toughest for small businesses when it comes time to finding the right accounting or bookkeeping staff.

The past few years have taught us the importance of flexibility in times of change. When small businesses talk about needing an accountant, it’s often because they’re growing. They need an on-staff expert that can keep them up to date on rules and regulations. Sometimes they’re transitioning from wearing all the business hats and they want to delegate tasks that keep track of the company’s money. They also want to make sure hiring that person will result in continued growth and implement sound financial practices.

Small business owners need to move cautiously when they seek to hire a staff accountant or bookkeeper. Take your time picking an expert because they will have access to all of your company's financial information. You need someone who is capable, reliable, and deserving of the money you are about to spend. We have success as a Tyler accounting staffing agency because we take the time to truly understand what each organization we work with needs, then we scour the planet to find the right fit.

Working With an Accountant Recruiting Agency - Benefits For Employers

Since we’ve already covered that it costs employers to use staffing agencies, you might be asking what you get in return and whether or not it’s worth it. Hiring is never easy, and the level of challenge seems directly related to how important it is candidates have a specific, well-developed skillset. Companies use our Tyler accountant staffing agency because the benefits are measurable and tangible.

When you work with us, you have a significantly smaller investment in terms of time and cost. You don’t have to weed through all those resumes or rearrange your schedule for interviews. We make all the follow-up calls, respond to all the emails, and answer all the job-related questions. When candidates come on strong then end up ghosting, we experience the frustration that comes from having to start over. You go on doing what you do until we find a good match.

We also reduce the time it takes from job vacancy to hire. We’ve spent years building up our talent network and we’re constantly engaging people looking for work. We’ll craft a compelling job offer for you, then make sure it gets in front of the right sets of eyes, increasing your chances of quick success.

There’s also no replacement for our experience. If you don’t do a lot of hiring, you might miss the subtle signals a candidate is misrepresenting their skills, leading you on or not planning to stick around.

Plus, we offer payroll processing background and reference checks and skills testing so you know what you’re getting when the right employee shows up for the first day of work.

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How to Choose the Right Accounting Staffing Agency for Your Needs as an Employer

When looking for accounting talent, partnering with a reputable accounting staffing agency can be an efficient way to fill your staffing needs. However, not all accounting staffing agencies are created equal. To get the results you’re hoping for, choose the agency that cares about meeting your specific needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right accounting staffing agency for your business:

  • Look for a specialized staffing agency: In this instance, look for one that specializes in accounting staffing. This ensures that the agency has a deep understanding of the accounting industry and can provide access to the best candidates.
  • Consider the agency's reputation: Before partnering with an accounting staffing agency, research their reputation online. Check reviews online and ask for references from the agency.
  • Ask about how the agency stocks their candidate pool: How do they find and evaluate qualified applicants? Look for an agency that has a comprehensive screening process to guarantee only the most qualified candidates are presented.
  • Check the agency's recruitment process: The agency should have a robust recruitment process that includes screening, interviewing, and testing candidates. Make sure the agency's recruitment process aligns with your company's values and standards.
  • Review the agency's fees: When partnering with an accounting staffing agency, review their fees to ensure they are in line with your budget. Be wary of agencies that charge excessive fees or have hidden costs.
  • Evaluate the agency's level of communication: Good communication is essential when working with a staffing agency. Make sure the agency provides frequent updates on candidate status and is available to answer any questions or concerns.

With a deep understanding of the accounting industry, a comprehensive candidate screening process, and a commitment to communication, Brelsford Personnel is an ideal partner for businesses in Tyler, TX, and beyond.

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