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As an employment agency, the successful employment of our candidates is crucial to our business. We ensure your success by...

  • Setting in-person appointments to discuss your job search and get to know you personally
  • Spending time with each candidate to get a sense of their personality and understand their career goals
  • Listening to learn what you value in your work environment
  • Providing a consultation on the current job climate to discuss opportunities and challenges
  • Matching you with companies that provide the opportunities you’re looking for
  • Staying in touch with you all along your journey to find a great job

3 Steps to Get Started as a Brelsford Personnel Candidate

  1. Submit your resume as a Word document.
  2. Complete the Job Seekers Interface that will be displayed. This is the most comprehensive way to use our services.
  3. After a review by our team, we will respond if we need more information or to schedule an in-person interview with us.

Please note, we make every effort to place our registered candidates successfully, but we are dependent upon the availability of those specific jobs.


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